Let’s conclude Eve’s story today with Eve’s enmity and eternity.

We know God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden as part of their punishment, but worse yet, they were banished from His direct presence, which changed how we know God and where He dwells forever.

God’s intention for Adam and Eve was for them to walk and live with Him forever. But their sin forged a deep disconnect from God, and a gaping hole that has left generations angry and resentful of their sin. If only we could experience just one day with God the way they had…

Yesterday we talked about how Eve confessed her sin, admitted that she had been deceived by the serpent, and ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge. I ended the devotion by asking the question of whether or not God honored Eve for her honesty. Well, let’s find out.

Scriptures to read and reflect upon: Genesis 3:14-20. (Please read the scripture and then return to the devotion.)

Now, go back again and do this: circle the words “because you” in verse 14, and then circle the word “cursed” in the same verse. Go to verse 17 and circle the words “because you” and the word “cursed” in the same verse.

Verses 14-15 shows us God’s curse on the serpent. “Because you have done this, cursed are you…” In verses 17-19 we hear God’s curse on Adam. “Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat of it,’ cursed is the ground because of you.”

Wow! Adam got the brunt of the punishment here! You, you, you!! Look at what God said to him again. You listened to your wife over Me!? I told YOU not to eat from it. And because YOU didn’t listen to me, YOU are responsible for the ground being cursed! God wasn’t blaming Eve for tempting Adam with the fruit. On the contrary. God was angered that Adam didn’t do what he should have done by protecting Eve in the first place, but then blamed her for it. God says, “How dare you blame her. I am the One who told you…”

So we’re aware of the curse on the serpent and Adam. Read verse 16: “To the woman he said…” Praise God!! Do you see it? God did NOT curse Eve. In fact, He makes her the creator of life, as God can do, too!! God let Eve be more like Him. He gave her an amazing gift! Her name even means, living. Verse 20 says Adam named her Eve, “because she would become the mother of all the living”!! She is the mother of all living. All!

He took from Adam and made Eve. He then took from Adam and gave to Eve. He cursed Adam and blessed Eve. She got a little bit of what she had hoped for when she ate the fruit. The serpent told her she would be like God, and because she wholeheartedly wanted that, God honored her. She was truly able to be more like God. Women are more like God then men! We are creators of life. He enables us to bring life into the world. He trusts us enough to do that! How incredibly amazing is that?! And why do you think he trusts us to bring life into the world? Because Eve was honest.

Now don’t be confused with the last line: “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” Please read this with Eve’s new eyes and God’s loving Spirit, because God is showing Eve how to love in this statement. God gave another piece of Himself to her: love.

“He will rule over you,” does not imply he will have the upper hand; in fact, read again God’s curse to Adam! He will work hard to provide for his wife—the mother of all the living. No longer is God the sole provider for them. God instructs Adam to work the land for the food he’ll need. And he has to provide for Eve and their family. Since she is the mother, Adam no longer has the luxury of doing nothing but wandering the Garden all day anymore. When you think of a ruler—as David was a ruler…as God is a Ruler—one may want to consider that rulers are caretakers of people.

So God says to Eve, “You may have painful childbearing, but you will be a creator of life, and you will know love, and love your husband, and he will work very hard to take care of you.”

Why do you think that was? Because Adam was supposed to have done that in the first place. God put Adam in charge of everything, but all the while made it easy for Adam. But since Adam neglected his duties, and instead tried to push the blame not only on God, but the woman too, God said, “Now you will know real responsibility. I thought I could let you do this without knowing the trouble and hard work it would take, but you apparently took advantage of my kindness. So now you will work hard and you will sweat and toil. And I tell you the truth, you are no better than the dust from which I made you!”

Cursed are you, Adam (man). Blessed are you, Eve (mother of all the living).