Everyone is always so quick to judge Eve, but let’s not forget that God didn’t tell Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge, He told Adam before Eve was even created! So Adam must have been, then, the one who relayed the information to Eve. Did he? We don’t know. It doesn’t say.

Scripture to reflect upon: Genesis 2:16

And the Lord commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”

So when the serpent says, “Did God really say…” Does Eve know for sure? Here’s where it gets tricky, because not only does the serpent get Eve to doubt God, but he probably had Eve questioning Adam, too (probably rightfully so, we’ll soon discover). And we also know that Adam was there when this was all happening, because it says so at the end of verse 6. “She also gave some to her husband who was there.”

Yesterday we discussed what Eve saw. But today let’s focus on the next part of her story. Her enemy—but WAIT! The serpent wasn’t her only enemy. She was deceived by one, but betrayed by another: Adam.

So now we know that he was there. He heard the entire conversation taking place, never once stopping her or rebuking the serpent. What was Adam thinking? “Hmmm…that does make sense. Let’s see what happens if Eve eats it.”

I can’t say for sure that’s what he was thinking, but what would you have thought? Shouldn’t Adam have been there to help Eve? Isn’t that what they were made for each other for, to be each other’s helpmate? Help Eve, Adam!! She needs you right now…more than ever. She needs your help! But he says and does…nothing!

It gets worse. Not only does he do nothing to protect her or help her, but he then throws her under the bus! Who is Eve’s real enemy here? The serpent or Adam? I’d say, both! And what’s Eve’s excuse? “The serpent deceived me, and I ate it. (Genesis 3:13)

I said in an earlier blog that she used that age old excuse, the devil made me do it. But does she? Let’s reexamine what she says, because maybe she’s not blaming anyone…but herself.

Eve is very aware, suddenly, of her apparent weakness. She realizes she has been duped, not once, but twice. She was betrayed by the one and only person she knew and felt she could trust, and he all too quickly found fault in her and accused her of his own mistake. Not only did he not take responsibility for her when he should have, but he refused to take responsibility for his own behavior.

Imagine what must have been going through her mind. In her compassion, she handed it to Adam to eat, because he hadn’t stopped her from doing it, so she gave it to him. Not seductively, not even temptingly. She figured if he didn’t say anything, then it must be okay, because God didn’t tell her not to eat from it, He told him. But then to hear Adam tell God that had He not sent her there, it wouldn’t have happened?! How awful for her! The sadness that must have swept over her. The shame she must have felt.

When God asks her what she did, she tells him the truth. I was duped God. I admit it. I let the serpent deceive me. I did it. Not once does she say to God, “Adam was there, too! He could have stopped me. He heard what was going on and he ate it too.” She could have, and in my eyes, she should have. I would have. But that’s me.

But Eve…well, again, let me reiterate what I stated yesterday: she was good. Instead she said, “I was deceived. I ate it.” I can see her saying it with her head hung low, guilty and ashamed.

 Do you think God saw that she was being honest and honored her? You bet cha!